Galaxy Note8 Released

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Announcement

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally official. Samsung has announced the successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Wednesday, August 23rd at Samsung Unpacked in New York. Right after the surprising facts of Note 7 explosion that turned the flagship into a disappointing debacle, the company started collecting the broken pieces of the disaster to preserve the Note series. On the announcement day, Samsung proved that the company is still holding the commitment and concern always to present the best gadget as all tech addicts expect it. The disappointing disaster of the Note 7 put many people in a curiosity if there would be a follow up to the Note series. The question was answered by announcing the successor. During the event, all eyes were amazed at all the explanations that described the new flagship very well.

We’ve seen and heard plenty of hints about what to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and now every teaser points were revealed at Samsung Unpacked in New York. It is time to meet the facts of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and waste what you ever expected about it. As far as what you can expect from the Note 8, the company is apparently taking more than a few cues from the latest Generation of Samsung Galaxy S series. Unsurprisingly, the Note 8 comes with the return of the iconic S Pen, along with the addition of an Infinity Display. Smart assistant Bixby is also another expected addition for the Note 8 which was also welcomed with excitement. Although it has the iconic S Pen, it is not enough to differentiate the Note 8 from Samsung Galaxy S8+. We can see the detail of the Note 8 in the more accurate review to know further about it. Here, we have highlighted some points of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announcement to help you figure out about the newly announced device.

Smaller Battery And Water Resistant

We are looking for something greater than what we can get from the S8+ in the Note 8. Probably we can find the significant differences of some new features or screen size of the Note 8. Let’s see what the announcement told us about it. As always, Samsung brought a few surprises to the event where the newly released Note 8 was announced. Let’s start with the front part of the Note 8 where the company is making room for the extra insulation and S Pen slot. We do appreciate this part very well. It is said that the phone is IP68 water resistant so that being wet won’t harm it at all. Besides providing the fast charging, the company brings the idea of wireless charging which is not a new idea, but it is also a great thing. The facts about how we can charge the phone are pretty well combined with the 3,300 mAH of battery capacity, which is, in fact, smaller than the battery of the S8+ and Note 7. It is a short cut to the short charging time, though it brings up the next question about the battery life.

Security System Of The Note8

Samsung Knox is back on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and of course, as are all of the biometric unlocking options like a finger, face, iris scanner. It should be exciting news for the users who complain about the early spoofing issues with face unlocking that were reported on the predecessor, the Note 7. Is it answering the whole needs of security for keeping what the users have on the Note 8 secured once they have this Note 8? It is a hard question which can only be answered by performing a further test on it. Along with the time goes on, we will find what we want to know about it.

Expandable Storage

It is what we love about Samsung that the company has always been generous on the storage front. As we all know, storage has been a limelight of many users. Luckily, the announcement brought something good about it as the company said that the US version of the Note 8 would have 64GB onboard, and it is expandable up to 256GB by the provided microSD slot on this device. This number can make most of the users keep a big smile that the Note 8 will have enough space to save all precious data with ease.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Specs

It has been a wondering moment to see how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will bring along with, that differentiate it from its predecessor, and above all, that makes it better than the Note 7. There’s no way to see how the Note 8 is better than the Note 7 but by looking at the specs. Yes, it is the crucial part of the phone we should put our attention, too. Well, it is not very disappointing that the Note 8 comes with a 10nm processor onboard and also 6GB of RAM. These facts are worthy to have a further test to see how they bring a better performance on the Note 8 that on its predecessor.

There are much more excitements about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which are unveiled on the announcement day. From the highlighted points, you can conclude the Note 8 which is no longer a mystery after all. Although the company didn’t describe the complete details one by one, surely we can find the answer to all questions and rumors by the time goes on. We are very close to the moment when we can put our hands on the device.


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