Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Review

Samsung has just released the latest generation of the Note series: Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is true that Samsung is still working on the sequel to the Note series after the nightmare of the Note 7. Some incident of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has put a few people to think that Samsung might kill the Note line entirely afterward. In fact, on August 23rd at the Samsung event in New York, the latest sequel of the Note line is announced. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is official now, and we can’t wait to be the first for getting this smartphone with an S Pen stylus.

The company was proudly announced the huge, beautifully made phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that just might be good enough to divert people attention from their memory about its poorly designed predecessor and forget the disappointing handset of their mind. From all improvements and changes we can see on the Note 8 that makes it different from its predecessor, we found that the Camera is the one with a significant change.

The first phone with Dual-camera bandwagon

Samsung has made the Note 8 as the first phone that uses dual-cameras on its rear. The dual-camera bandwagon is one of the big changes on the handset which is popping a 12-MG telephoto lens next to the wider-angle 12-MP lens which is already excellent. When the announcer was mentioning this dual-camera, the audiences are giving their applauses. Well, it is not exaggerating both lenses of the Note 8’s rear camera, which feature optical stabilization (OIS). With this OIS of both sensors, you are possible to use the 2x optical zoom, and it results in a snap that should be blur-free.

Just like it is showed by the announcer, this dual-camera does the biggest part for the rear cameras where you can quickly jump to the 2x zoom in the camera app. It allows you to access a live Focus mode from there to achieve that blurry background bokeh effect. This false bokeh of the most smartphone usually can look terrible, but the Note 8 shows results that look good so far. The possibility to adjust and change the bokeh effect while and after capturing an image is also the other benefits of the Note 8 rear camera.

The Same Lens of the S8 front camera

After having a significant improvement for its rear camera, we are now looking at the same lens that we can find on the front camera of Galaxy S8 that is the same 8-MP selfie camera. For this front camera which is pretty much important for taking selfies and having a video call, Samsung didn’t make any significant improvement that makes it better than the S8. Anyway, this 8MP sensor is already good enough for supporting your needs of selfies and video call without sacrificing the image clarity. Anyway, we can conclude here that the cameras of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are great on the paper. To have any further judgment about these cameras, we need to make a longer test with a variety action of capturing an image and recording a video. Just like the bokeh effect of the rear camera that has been the major upgrades over anything else of the Note 8.

This prime feature of the dual-cameras bandwagon needs some work to test it whether it does a good job or not when we need to use this effect in the live preview with the other subject details like complex plants. Overall, we love both rear and front camera of the Note 8. And if you want to experience this camera sense of the Note 8, you can disregard the debacle of the Note 7 and place a pre-order for this phone. It is all up to you.


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