Samsung Galaxy Note8 Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Battery

Galaxy Note8 Battery

It is still fresh in mind how people were shocked by the facts that the adored Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started exploding. Based on the latest news about the explosion incident, Samsung has investigated this case to find out the responsible part of the Note 7 for the exploded phone. Some speculations were mentioning that the battery of the Note 7 is one of the responsible parts of the case. These speculations were confirmed by the result of Samsung internal investigation which found that the overheating problems of the Note 7 caused by its battery. Well, it is the reason for the explosion issue that turned the stunning Note 7 into an unexpected disaster, resulted in cancellation. So, we are curiously want to know how we can trust the Note 8 and disregard all that happened with its predecessor. Here, we want to share our thoughts so far related to Samsung Galaxy Note8 battery to make sure that the debacle of the Note 7 is not repeated.

Smaller Battery Capacity compared to the Note 7 Battery

For a start, we can see the fact that Samsung reduces the battery capacity of the Note 8 from its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 houses a bigger battery than the Note 8 that is 3,500 mAh compared to 3,300 mAh. Usually, the successor generation houses the bigger one than its predecessor, but apparently, the company has some reasons for this reduction. As it is quoted by, Samsung explained that they have some ideas for reducing the battery capacity for the Note 8. Of the reasons is the 10-nanometer processor that has enhanced the efficiency of the phone’s power by 30%. Although the Note 8 is larger than the Note 7, it houses a smaller battery inside despite housing the bigger one because of that reason. Some specs and features of the Note 8 are designed to provide great battery efficiency where the users are allowed to adjust the battery use based on the smartphone use patterns. Samsung also guarantees the battery safety for the Note 8 and promising that the phone will maintain more than 95% of battery capacity even after two years of use.

Battery efficiency of the Note8

Galaxy Note8 Battery – As we mentioned above, that battery of the Note8 is the only potential issue if the company fails to convince the users that there’s nothing to worry about this battery. It is undeniable that forgetting the nightmare of the Note 7 battery is not easy for a few people. So, there’s always a worry that possibly the disaster will be repeated with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Based on the Samsung claim, the 3300 mAh power pack is not too small for the Note 8 for the specs reasons. As we know that the company announced that there would be two chipsets used by the Note 8 those are The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895. Both versions are providing the identical exceptional performance with low power consumption.

By the way, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a design to offer a wide range of functionality which means people will be using it a lot. With the smaller battery, we are worried about the possible issue of the battery for the Note users. We are not sure that by optimizing the software of the Note 8, this battery capacity will be enough to empower this phone. However, let’s hope for the best of the best from the Note range. We just need to wait and see how this handset performs with this battery. Hopefully, everything goes well as we all expect.


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