Samsung Galaxy Note8 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Design and Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Design

It is just a couple of day from the Samsung event where the company announced the new generation of the Note series. Yes, it is right that Samsung Galaxy Note8 is official now. There’s no more rumor and prediction about the successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you need to read now because everything about the Note 8 is now officially unveiled. If we take a look on paper facts about the Note 8, the newly announced flagship seems to be the most impressive device ever. There are some remarkable facts of the Note 8 that might be the reason for many people will put their trust on this handset and place a pre-order towards its release date. Anyway, you can hold up a second to read our short review about Samsung Galaxy Note8 Design and Screen. We want to share everything we know about the design and screen of this redemption phone which is announced a year after the disastrous launch of the Note 7. Let’s find out together how it worth to get the trust of the users after the disappointing handset of the Note 8 predecessor.

QHD+ AMOLED display

There are none of the surprising facts about the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, although the QHD+ AMOLED display is gorgeous and stunning. This screen is offering an excellent definition of colors, especially the perfect blacks that make it ideal for having good entertainment on it. You might find the slightly odd of 18.5:9 aspect ratio of the screen which feels strange at first, but soon you can stretch videos and apps to fit it, so the display doesn’t detract from anything afterward. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also HDR certified by the 4K Alliance, just like the latest generation of Galaxy S series, but the actual amount of HDR content around is still slim. Samsung designed the Note 8 with the Infinity Display which has a bezel-less display that adorns the front of the smartphone. The edge-to-edge of the Note 8 has the biggest version with a 6.3-inch QHD+ which is offering just looks sublime. It seems like Samsung hasn’t updated the quality of the screen from the previously released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Slightly Different Design

Although many people were expecting the Note 8 to be the revenge version for the debacle phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company didn’t make pretty much improvement for its design. The most noticeable improvement of the Note8 design seems on the addition of the S-Pen stylus. On the Note 8, the S-Pen stylus is tucked away just next to the USB Type-C port on the bottom part of the phone. This design adds a for water or any liquid to get into the Note 8; thankfully it is IP68 water resistant. So, the phone will be safe from any possible damage.

Particularly for the iconic addition of the Note 8: the S-Pen stylus, Samsung said that it is much more sensitive than the previous versions that you can find with the Note 7. So, it will be a great addition to the Note 8 that makes it ideal for all artists who are looking for a mobile sketch station. This stylus is also suitable for you who love taking notes with ease, in which you can also get the advantages of many features that work well with the stylus on the Note 8. As long as you are in a convenient position to use both of your hands, the stylus can be a significant part of the Note 8. At least. Samsung has made it as an excellent addition to the design that makes the Note 8 does more than just a smartphone with a wide screen.

For the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it is not disappointing. The curved front and back of the Galaxy Note8 design don’t distract our eyes and hands when using it. Samsung created the Note 8 with the curved edges of its display which is steep with a minimal bezel around the screen. Although it has a wide screen, Note 8 seems to be convenient to hold in one hand. Honestly, we are feeling a bit odd with the design of the Note 8 because of its rear-facing fingerprint scanner’s position. We are not judging, but it seems that placing the fingerprint scanner next to the camera module makes it very hard for the users to reach it with the phone size. Overall, the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is pretty impressive. Let’s hope that the Note 8 launch can be a real consolation for the unexpected debacle of its predecessor.

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